Day at the Beach (Deposit Only)

Day at the Beach (Deposit Only)

Red Carabao Coron Philippines
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ABOUT THE TRIP: Come flee Coron town, retreat to a spectacular beach for a day and learn about the indigenous Tagbanua who call the island home. We start the journey to the island mid-morning and enjoy a full day exploring on the remote coast of Coron Island. No hurried tour, no time limit, just peace and quiet. Included is a hearty vegetarian meal. Perfect for those looking for nothing more than a taste of paradise.

 TRIP RATE Php 2,650 per person
Php 530 per person
Php 2,120 per person

This is only a deposit for your trip request. If approved for the trip, the remaining balance of Php 2,120 more per person will be charged at the Office Orientation, payable in cash.

We also welcome PayPal payment of the remaining balance, with a 5% transaction fee. The balance is due in Philippine pesos only.

CONFIRMATION: The trip is not confirmed until approved.

OFFICE ORIENTATION: We invite you to a brief check-in at 7:00pm in our office on the evening prior to departure. We will get introduced and explain essentials for the trip. If you are unable to visit the office at this time, not to worry. Please let us know in advance. We do not maintain regular office hours.

CANCELLATION POLICY: A cancellation fee of 20% per person applies if you wish to cancel the trip entirely. Cancellations made within one month will be charged the deposit. If our trip cannot proceed on the scheduled departure date due to official Coast Guard cancellation, we will reschedule up to 2 days after the original date. If you must cancel within this period, we cannot refund your deposit as we were able to move the trip. All refunds exclude transaction fees. Please see the full Cancellation & Rebooking Policies here for details.

PASSENGER INFORMATION: In the notes section above, be sure to include the following details for each passenger to help us get to know you better:

  • Full Name
  • Age
  • Nationality
  • Country of Residence
  • Valid Email Address
  • Any Food Allergies
  • Arrival Date & Time
  • Town Accommodation
  • Departure Date & Time
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