Check-in and Briefing

Meeting Place, Check-in & Group Briefing before departure:

You will need to 'check-in' at our office in town of your departure 5:00pm the day before you depart. We will ask you to fill-up a registration form with your details and attend a briefing to meet your Expedition Leader and the rest of the group (For OPEN GROUP EXPEDITION). Group briefing will start at 6:00pm. Both of our offices are easy to find and both of the town is not that big that you cannot find us.

You will need to inform us if you will not be able to check-in due to last minute flight delay or cancellation. Not attending the briefing causes delay on the departure of our trips and will cause stress for you running around town early morning. If you miss the group briefing due to last minute travel disruptions, you will need to be at the office by 7AM on your departure day and send a message in our WhatsApp Hotline: ‎+63 905 338 1314. We do not recommend staying out of town in a resort the night before departure.

Packing list and Luggage

We strongly recommend you follow these suggestions to prepare for your trip. Below is a list of essentials you will need to pack in a DRYBAG [approx. 25 – 35 Liters]. If you are unsure of exactly what a DRYBAG is then Google it. It is not the same as a rain cover on your backpack. We do not provide DRYBAG so you will need to bring or buy one.
You have access to this bag during the day and take it down to the base-camps at night. The rest of your stuff will be packed out of the way in the hold of the boat and can be accessed every now and again to replenish your day pack.
To make things simple we recommend that you pack these two bags the night before you depart to ensure a swift departure. In your waterproof day pack you will need:

» Sun hat or cap, sunscreen, and sun glasses
» Sarong (for boys and girls...All around use - day towel, sun protection, beach loungers)
» A refillable water bottle (it’s important to keep hydrated)
» A small towel, shower gel, tooth brush [WE DO NOT PROVIDE TOWELS]
» Flashlight or Head torch (to find your way around in the dark)
» Change of clothes, shorts and t shirts/vests for the day
» Swimwear during the days because you will be in and out of the water
» A rash guard for sun protection and guard against jellyfish stings [optional- but very advisable]
» In the evening you can shower and put on some very light weight trousers and a long sleeve top or shirt to minimize insect bites
» Insect Repellent
» Sandals or reef shoes
» Camera, a good book, ipod
» A lightweight Rain Jacket - just in case you get a rainy day!
» You will not need jumpers and warm clothing
» All travelers must have their own Travel Insurance!

There are no baggage restrictions on the boats. We recommend that you store your valuables such as passports and wallets deep inside your large bag which will be stored inside the luggage room or out of the way inside the hull.

The baggage will be kept dry at all times, however if you are traveling with a laptop we suggest to store it in a waterproof dry bag to avoid accidents.

Electricity and charging batteries

There is no electricity on the Islands. However we have generators in some of the base-camps so you will be able to charge batteries on some of the nights.
We recommend that you fully charge your batteries the night before you board the boat. Remember to pack a Flashlight or Head-torch.

passport and visa requirements

There are 151 countries that may enter the Philippines without a visa and stay for a maximum of thirty (30) days, provided they are holders of a passport valid at least six (6) months beyond the period of stay in the Philippines, and present a return or outward bound ticket to their country of origin or to a next country of destination. For the 151 countries, visithttps://www.dfa.gov.ph/index.php/site-administrator/visa-informationPlease contact the Philippine Embassy in your country if you plan to stay more than 30 days in the country. An extension is available in Immigration Offices in Manila, Cebu, Puerto Princesa. 60 to 90 days extension cost 3,000 PHP – 4,000 PHP (up to 6,500 pesos if you do it with agencies). Don’t turn up with flip flops, shorts or vest. Make sure you dress up appropriately to see immigration officers.

cash in palawan

There are cash machines in Puerto Princesa, Coron and El Nido.
You will need to withdraw sufficient cash to travel through Palawan.
You can pay your balance before you come to Palawan through bank transfer to avoid bringing lots of cash when you travel.

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