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Manila Stay

Z Hostel, Burgos District, Makati

The area of Burgos, next to the seedy red light district- is the new cool hangout for locals longing for Manila streets scene. Recently, Burgos has been popping out cool bars, cafes and restaurants that caters for those who don't like the malls and other big developments. Z Hostel leads the way by attracting travelers by creating a good local vibe. Z have shared dorms or private rooms, hangout lounges and a rooftop bar popular with visitors and locals.

Website: www.zhostel.com 

Coron Stay

Al Faro Coron

A get away resort from the buzz of the tourist town. It sits on the top of the hill with a 360 view of the bay. A pool with a great lounge, spacious cabanas and cocktails over a killer sunset. 40 minutes van from Coron town, a 3 min boat transfer and 5 min walk up the hill.-worth it!

Website: www.alfaropalawan.com 

El Nido Stay

Brother Island - Private Island Retreat

A Hemingway-style getaway for lovers or small groups. No pretentiousness, all laid back. 1 hour by van from El Nido town 30 min by boat.

Website: www.airbnb.com/rooms/2944607

Mountain Province Tour

Lakbay Norte, North Luzon

A guided journey to the heart of the Mountain Province.
Starting with the famous cultural town of Sagada with its sacred caves, rice terraces and waterfalls. Then escaping away to a less traveled trail in the nearby region of Bauko, exploring ancient agriculture landscape, mountain peaks, the villages and its culture. Working with families to host travelers in their homes. A direct partnership with communities to benefit from tourism without cultural adjustment or unnecessary development.

A well designed condense schedule to maximize the experience of the Mountain culture but cutting down long commute and escaping tourist herding.

Website: drakecalvintravel.weebly.com/lakbay-norte

Danjungan Island 

Danjungan Island Negros

A sanctuary for marine life and birds, a success story of conservation and education. With over 10 beaches, several lagoons and jungle peaks. Perfect for those who want to get a close encounter with nature. Flying to Bacolod, 3 hours by road and 30 min by boat. All worth the journey to escape to this wonder island. Kayak around the island, dive the pristine reef walls, and explore the trails through the jungle and caves.

Website: www.danjuganisland.ph

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