Calamian Expedition

On this open group trip, we journey across the Calamian Islands on a mission to experience nature at its finest and witness the island way of life.

Where do we sail?

Your expedition will commence from Coron heading on a long journey west to the far-flung islands of Busuanga. There we explore hidden caves, shallow shipwrecks and marvel at the majestic limestone cliffs in the background. We continue the afternoon to the first overnight tent campsite on a remote island beaches. The following morning, you may have a chance to spot dugongs or sea cows native to the area, feeding on seagrass in the shallow waters. You’ll venture east towards the famous Japanese shipwrecks—perfect for beginner snorkelers and experienced free divers alike—and making an optional pitstop in Culion, a sleepy town whose history under American and Spanish rule brings us back in time. We top-up on supplies before continuing south to the picturesque islands of Ditaytayan and Bulog. The sand bars are breathtaking from ground and drone, surrounded by turquoise blue waters and reefs teeming with life. We endeavour to arrive at our own base camp by mid-afternoon for time to unwind and appreciate raw beauty of this mystical island and home of the indigenous Tagbanua people. Here on our beach beach, you have a chance to join them fishing or exploring independently on optional treks or canoeing. All throughout the trip, we snorkel, cruise, sing by the bonfire, stargaze, dine and drink as a family of nomads. On our final day, we take a full excursion of the top highlights of Coron Island: the lakes and the lagoons of legends.

Day 1
Meeting and departure from Red Carabao Coron Office
Busuanga Islands with beach, cave & shallow shipwreck
Overnight in the area between Pass and Dibutunay Islands

Day 2

Chance to spot dugongs after breakfast
Snorkel around World War II shipwreck and coral garden
Visit Culion Town for Spanish fort, church and lunch
Overnight in the area of Malcapuya and Banana Islands

Day 3
Explore the sand bars of Ditaytayan and Bulog Islands
Journey across Coron Bay
Arrive at base camp and paddle independently to uninhabited beaches
Meet our island friends and get a chance to witness their way of life, from spearfishing to coffee-making
Overnight in native beach huts

Day 4
See the worthwhile highlights of Coron Island: lakes and lagoons
Return to Coron town after lunch in the afternoon


  • From 2 to 15 pax
  • 10am to 5pm on Day 4
  • Food & Drinks included
  • Pay only for a 20% deposit now
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