3 Days / 2 Nights
Calamian Expedition

Come retreat with us to a tropical island paradise so few ever get to experience: an idyllic place unspoilt by the modern world. Here, every moment is a rare opportunity to immerse in the Coron as we dreamed, connect with like-minded explorers and witness a way of life long forgotten by time.

On day one, we set off far west to some of the most remote islands in a

Arriving at the overnight camp is a moment to rest, reflect and renew the senses. Fresh meals from lunch to meals the next day are all prepared and served at camp. By afternoon, many go wandering along the coast and take respite in the many uninhabited beaches that dot the coast. Some trek to hidden caves, while others snorkel the pristine reef just in front of our beach—all before returning to camp for a front-row seat to a gorgeous sunset view.

The following morning is a chance to meet our island friends. You can explore with them or take any one of the many kayaks and paddle boards out to roam freely or fetch coconuts (not for the faint of heart). Others join the tribe’s daily spearfishing or try their hand at brewing coffee the traditional way.

On the way back to town, we make several more stops, including a sunken ship known for fantastic fish life, a popular coral reef or a lagoon, and a final stop at Barracuda Lake for Coron’s most iconic views. We return to town on the second day around dusk, bearing memories for a lifetime.

This experience may not be for everybody. Welcome on this castaway are intrepid explorer who want the most intense escapes in the wild as well as those who seek peace and time away from the daily grind. This is most popular for those on a short visit to Coron and enjoy the freedom of nature and a break from the creature comforts of town. So come, let go of time and pack your good spirits to brighten life in the islands any weather, any day!

You are invited to attend an orientation in the Red Carabao office at 19:00/5PM the evening prior to your departure date. We'll get introduced and discuss what to bring, schedules and other preparations for a wholesome time together! Trips return to town around dusk on the last day.


  • Per person rates from October-May
  • Groups of 2 to 12 castaways
  • Departs early and returns late
  • All meal, gears, snacks included
  • Only 50% deposit now to reserve
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