Rainy Day in Coron?

You’ve made it to Coron town, the perfect starting point for the dream adventure and… it’s raining! Well, I’ve been in your shoes and have come up with a few rainy day activities to tide you over until the next sunny day.

Begin the day protected from the elements in a cafe- some of my favourites include Coffee Kong and Touchwood, which happen to be right across the street from Red Carabao Expeditions. They have decent Wi-Fi connections, good coffee, and hearty breakfast. Check out my post on Top Coron Cafes for reviews.

Over your morning cup of coffee, consider going for a dive! Dive companies such as French Kiss Divers (www.coron-plongee.com) and Corto Divers (www.cortodivers.com) can show you a whole different aspect of island life underwater, safe from the wind and rain above. Rates range from Php 3,500-4,000 for 3 fun dives. [READ MORE ABOUT OUR DIVING RECOMMENDATIONS HERE]

If you’d rather try diving around Coron another day, then make your way out to the MAQUINIT HOT SPRINGS just a short distance from the heart of Coron Town. Avoid the crowds by getting there earlier than the 'Town Tour' groups, on or before 5pm.

For lunch, try the local pancit lomi from Nanay’s Eatery, said to be the best in town. Enjoy this filling and thick egg noodle soup dish with veggies and chicken bits–perfect for nippy weather and cold days. Lomi soup is served in a big bowl, enough to feed four people for under 100 pesos!

Nanay’s Eatery is located directly across from Balaibinda Lodge on Don Pedro Street. This affordable eatery caters mostly to locals, but is a great, authentic stop for a rainy day!

Rest your weary body in the the rooftop jacuzzi at Funny Lion. From there, you’ll experience stunning views of the Coron harbor and can partake in their evening happy hour if you wish.

As day draws to a close, enjoy drinks with incredible views on the rooftop of Hop Hostel which also hosts a variety of parties and social events. This flashpacker favourite in Coron has got a friendly crew and awesome amenities like an impressive guest kitchen and a cinema. 


Isabela Fenstermaker, USA

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