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Working with the Tagbanua

Red Carabao works alongside local Tagbanua families, who play vital roles in the experiences we create. They take pride in the work we have achieved together and in what the future holds. The future of the Tagbanua indigenous people is essential to how Coron Island will evolve in the midst of mass tourism. To support the Tagbanua, we strive to preserve their peaceful and quiet way of life through ethical tourism. We hope to bring education, entrepreneurship and independence, and equip them with the tools and freedom to grow alongside the modern world.

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About Camp Carabao

More Island Retreat

NEW! Day at the Beach



Full-Day Coron Island Excursion

Our signature full-day experience meets earlier than most and explores the famous highlights of this majestic island with a smaller, more intimate group. Together we dip in a lake, wade through a lagoon, snorkel color-rich reefs and lounge at the beach before sunset watching—a perfect day.

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Coron Castaway (2D1N)

Go deeper into the island way of life and be counted among the privileged few who have slept to the hymns of birds and crashing waves in an environment listed on National Geographic’s Top Ten places to visit on the planet. You just might fall in love and stay another night!

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Private Calamian Expedition (4D3N)

Embark on a journey of a lifetime across the stunning vistas of the Calamian Islands, sleep in island huts on remote beaches and experience the island way of life on your own relaxed pace with friends or family. Food, drinks, gears and rooms included. Sit back, relax and leave the rest to us!

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"For independent travellers looking to hook up with a group for a great tour, it's the perfect spot. Red Carabao's own tours, island expeditions and the 'Backpacker Boat' – an island-hopping day or overnight trip in Coron Bay geared toward having fun and avoiding crowds."

TripAdvisor Reviews

I had an awesome time in Coron! Great people, beautiful landscape, so many new impressions. Moreover, it's a great chance to meet locals. Miss the time, I'll come back for sure! Just go there, you'll love it as well!


My day at the private Camp Carabao beach was just wonderful. Well organised from the start, there was just me and 3 others travelling on the boat. The guides were personable, relaxed and an absolute pleasure to be with.


I had the luck to face into red carabao during my stay in Coron. They absolutely made my days there!! The guide was a super friendly and eclectic guy, talkative and friendly, we had a trip by boat to a private wonderful beach, where we had bbq, drinks, and spent the night in bungalows on the beach.




Coron Town Proper, National Highway, Poblacion, Coron
5316 Palawan, Philippines

Mon - Sat, 8am - 8pm usually

WhatsApp: +63 905.338.1314

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